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Increase Your Value in the Workplace

Increase Your Value in the workplace

Do you ever wonder why some people are constantly on assignments, regardless of skills or experience, while others rarely get them? More times than not, the difference is how these people “market” themselves to clients while on jobs — and to Staffing Specialists in between them.

To increase the odds that you’ll stay happily employed, follow these steps:

Be as flexible as humanly possible.

When it comes to how far you'll travel, your hourly rate and the industry you'll work in, being open-minded can mean the difference between landing a job…and another day on the couch.

Once you get a job, ask your boss if you can take on additional tasks/responsibilities.

Take initiative. Be a go-getter. Assert your value by letting your boss know of any additional skills you may have — so he/she can put them to good use.

Be compatible with coworkers and supervisors — have a great attitude.

Being compatible is very important especially if you're being considered for a full-time opportunity. Your attitude at work will also influence the references you get from that temporary employer once your assignment is complete.

Be professional. Treat the temporary position with the same professionalism you would a full-time position.

  • Don't forget the basics: attendance, punctuality, professional attire and attitude
  •  Don't abuse any privileges your temporary employer gives you.
  • Don't get too comfortable too quickly. Stay busy; ask for additional responsibility.
  • Don't burn bridges. If you get a full-time job while on a temporary assignment, give your temporary employer as much notice as possible.

Keep the lines of communication open with your recruiter — even if you are on a temporary assignment.

Remember that Source One Staffing is your employer and your recruiter is your point of contact. Always feel free to consult them for guidance and advice.

Be willing to meet with a Source One Staffing associate on short notice.

Jobs orders are being filled constantly. The sooner you can meet with a Staffing Specialist once one becomes available, the more likely it is that you'll be placed.

Be reachable.

If a job order comes in that your Source One Staffing representative deems you well-suited for, we will contact you immediately. Please make sure we have all your relevant contact information, including:

  • All phone numbers where you can be reached.
  • An email address that you check regularly.